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                                              Flux cored weld wire
                                              Gas-shielding solid weld wire
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                                              Specification£º GB/T10045  E501T-1
                                              JIS Z3313  YFW-C50DR 
                                              AWS A5.20  E71T-1
                                              Approved by£º ABS¡¢NK¡¢GL¡¢LR¡¢KR¡¢DNV¡¢BV¡¢CCS¡¢RINA¡¢CE¡¢CWB
                                              Features and Applications    
                                              SJF-711 is flux cored wire of gas shielding arc welding for welding of mild steel and 490MPa high tensile steels. It has deep Penetration use in DC(+), It can be used for the Situation of high impact ductility requirement, It has good weldability, few fume, mellow and stable dldctric arc, whole slag cover and easily to clean, X-ray check well. It is suitable for welding in shipbuilding, ocean drilling platform, storage tank, steel structure, boiler, Pressure Vessel, steel pipeline and heavy machinery.

                                              Points for Attention    
                                              ¡¤keep the shielding gas flow at 20-25/min.
                                              ¡¤Ensure the purity of shielding gas of CO2 must be above 99.98%.
                                              ¡¤Rid the welded part of rusty layer, damp, oil stain and dust, etc.
                                              ¡¤Always keep torch nozzle clean and TIP in good condition.
                                              ¡¤Ensure each weld pass temperature below 150¡æ for multi-run welding.

                                                 Chemical Compositions of deposited metal (wt%):(Shielding gas:CO2)
                                                C Mn Si P S
                                              Requirement ¡Ü0.18 ¡Ü1.75 ¡Ü0.90 ¡Ü0.030 ¡Ü0.030
                                              Example 0.05 1.35 0.52 0.012 0.010

                                                 Mechanical Properties of Weld Pass:(Shielding gas:CO2)
                                                Yield Strength MPa Tensile Strength MPa Elongation % Impact Value -20¡æJ
                                              Requirement ¡Ý400 ¡Ý480 ¡Ý22 ¡Ý27
                                              Example 470 560 28 128

                                                 Mechanical Properties of Weld Pass:(Shielding gas:CO2)
                                              Diameter£¨mm£© 1.2 1.4 1.6
                                              Current£¨A£© 120-300 150-380 180-430
                                              Voltage£¨v£© 23-30 24-36 25-40
                                              Electrode extension£¨mm£© 15-25 15-25 20-30
                                              Shield gas flow£¨l/min£© 20-25 20-25 20-25
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