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                                              Flux cored weld wire
                                              Gas-shielding solid weld wire
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                                              Specification£º GB/T8110  E50-G
                                              JIS Z3312  YGW11
                                              AWS A5.18  ER70S-G
                                              Approved by£º NK, JIS
                                               Features and Applications    
                                              In addition to appropriate amount of Si, Mn, the addition of Ti to SJ-58 woule refine the globular grain of weld and help stabilize electric arc; In comparison, spark spatters and smog is reduced by a large margin.
                                              Not only does Ti contribute to the refinement of weld bead grain, it also increases the strength of weld bead and impact value. Under the operating condition of high current, the wire's superiority is best shown and suitable for thick plate butt joint welding, fillet welding and horizontal welding.

                                               Points for Attention    
                                              ¡¤Ensure that the purity of shielding gas and the purity of CO2 must be above 99.98%.
                                              ¡¤Keep the shielding gas flow at 20-25L/min.
                                              ¡¤Keep the electrode extension between 15-25mm.
                                              ¡¤ Rid the welded part of rusty layer, damp, oil stain and dust, etc.
                                              ¡¤Always keep torch nozzle clean and TIP in good condition.
                                              ¡¤Use the wire under the best possible conditions.

                                                 An example of chemical Composition of Weld Wire(wt%): (Shielding gas:CO2)
                                              C Mn Si P S Other
                                              0.088 1.55 0.77 0.012 0.010 0.23

                                                 An example of mechanical Properties of Weld Pass:(Shielding gas: CO2)
                                              Yield Strength
                                              Tensile Strength
                                              Impact Value J
                                              -29¡æ -40¡æ
                                              560 620 31 98 85

                                                 Welding Parameter Suggestions: (DC+)
                                              Wire Diameter£¨mm£© 1.2 1.6
                                              Current Range£¨Amp£©

                                              Flat position welding

                                              100-350 250-500
                                              Vertical up welding¡¢Overhead position welding 80-150 -

                                                 Package Size:
                                              Wire Diameter£¨mm£© 1.2£¬1.6
                                              Weight£¨kg£© spool packing£¨5£¬10£¬15£¬20£©£¬drum packing£¨250¡¢350¡¢400£©
                                              Remark Above coule be made according to customer's requirement
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